• D R A G O N S + G O O T


    What a rad combo, a divine smoothie plus a cosy Josh Goot bomber on a fresh day.

    What inspired me to do this post was I was at walking down the street the other day and an old lady stopped me and said ‘your Jacket is such a beautiful display of art and colours’. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! Such an amazing gesture from sweet old lady sharing with me the appreciation of art in any form.


    The lovely old lady didn’t have a clue about Josh Goot or the latest fashion, she just appreciated the artwork that was in it.  I feel that is how more people need to look at food and fashion, we don’t really see the history or appreciate the effort that has gone into it, we didn’t think about what farmer who nurtured this fruit for months and protected it like it was there own or what factory did this packaged food came from, or the designer who spent months getting inspiration and putting their creative vision into a piece. Most of the time there is no thought process we tend to take things for granted and don’t see the true beauty. This bomber may be a few seasons old but its a classic piece that will never age.

    I feel when we become grounded and appreciative of our surroundings the beauty of things in life we tend to see more as we become curious


    Sometimes people say to me ‘if you are so down to earth then why do you like such material things?’ (meaning designer clothing), and my reply is that I don’t buy something from a certain designer because of the name. I buy it because I love the art form and I appreciate the design history that has gone into it.

    Being a creative person I understand the process of art, in any form.


    So I wanted to share with you a smoothie recipe made with Antioxidant rich fruits such as dragon fruit, bananas, strawberries and aloe Vera. To give your skin a boost and something bright to allure you in with the display of colours this smoothie has.

    When it comes to caring for your skin, antioxidants can help to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Unlike sunscreens and moisturizers, antioxidants can protect your skin from the inside out by guarding your cells from damage. Vitamins A, C and E and the mineral selenium are thought to be particularly helpful in skin care. In addition to helping fortify cells against free radicals, vitamins A and C also encourage cell and tissue growth, helping the body to repair itself. This is very helpful to the skin, which is constantly shedding and regrowing cells. For this reason, any antioxidants that protect cells and encourage cell growth is helpful in an anti-aging.


    This smoothie will make you feel like you are rolling around in a valley of mesmerising purple hills.


    • 2 Or more frozen bananas
    • 1 frozen Pink Dragon Fruit (peeled and cut in half)
    • approx 500ml of filtered water
    • 1 cup of strawberries or any berries you have
    • 2 table spoons of aloe vera juice/gel

    Place in a high speed blender until smooth. Hope it makes you feel amazing!


    Lon xx